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Own assembling department is completely fitted out with the modern imported equipment of the leading companies: ASSEMBLION (TOPAZ), MIRAE, TYCO, DEK, NUTEC, ERSA, SEHO, TECHNOPRINT.

We introduced a surface-mount technology into production. A common range of works – solder paste coating, automatic installation of elements, automatic paste reflow, workpiece input and product unload – is performed with the minimum operator's intervention.

Basing on the experience of the leading world manufacturers and in accordance with the market requirements we implemented the unitary quality standard GOST R ISO 9001-2001.

The production totally covers the factory`s demand for printed board assemblies for the whole product mix and takes orders from outside organizations.

  • SMD assembly for lot and large-lot production.
  • H assembly (placement of plug-in components).
  • Placement of BGA-components.
  • Assembling and packaging.
  • Check and adjustment of finished products.
  • Preparation of plug-in components for assembling.

  • Manufacturing of printed circuit boards.
  • Circuits engineering.
  • Marking of line.
  • Switch-over to surface-mounting.
  • Stencils making.
  • Mechanical processing.
  • Development and designing of electronic components on a by-order basis.
  • Prototyping.

  • Solder paste coating by a screen printing automatic machine.
  • Automatic insertion of surface-mounted components.
  • Solder paste fusion in convection oven and adhesive setting.
  • Careful reflow soldering under nitrogen blanket.
  • X-ray control of soldering quality of BGA-components.

  • Four parallel surface-mounted assembly lines allow to produce up to 3 millions of printed board assemblies per annum. Maximal production capacity of one line - 35000 components/hour.
  • Installation of components of any standard packing (tape, stick, tray).
  • Size of components being installed - from 0,5 0,25 to 45 45 mm.
  • Mounting accuracy – max. 20 micron.
  • Maximal size of a printed circuit board - 400 500 mm.
  • Minimal size of a printed circuit board - 50 50 mm.
  • Electrical scheme.
  • Layers drawings.
  • Assembly drawing.
  • Specification.
  • List of components.
  • Information can be provided in the form PCAD, ACCEL files.
  • For producing of stencils and printed circuit boards - PCAD, ACCEL, GERBER.

Preproduction – min. 3 days (depending on complexity of the product).

Assembly time – min. 3 days (depending on complexity of assembly and lot size).

The new technologies, qualified staff and control system determine competitive position of the products in terms of such important parameters as price, period of production and production flexibility. 

For additional information on production please visit our website at
Tel./fax: +7 831 466 65 01, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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