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   Instrument production


Own instrument production is capable of  producing the production tools and parts of any configuration and of the highest quality. High level of working accuracy and surface finish is ensured by coordinate boring, coordinate grinding, electroerosion machines and machining centers produced by internationally known companies HERMLE, AVEA, AGIE, Sodick, Finetech.

The utilization of CAD programs ensures the end-to-end design from construction and process development to tooling manufacturing and generation of CNC machines and machining centers control program.

The production totally covers the requirements of the factory and takes customer`s orders for designing and manufacturing of:

  • thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics moulding tools;
  • blanking dies, punching dies, combination dies, outward flanging dies, moulding dies, bending dies, dies for liquid and semi liquid forging;
  • casting forms and dies for nonferrous pressure casting (stationary and modular types);
  • Milling work and electric discharge machining.
  • Development of mathematical and 3D models.
  • Prompt prototyping.
  • Preparing production documentation.

    Production capacity – up to 20000 normal hours per month.

    Designing and manufacturing of dies and press-tool dies.
  • Overall dimensions of products – up to 600x800 mm.
  • Maximal permissible thickness – up to 600 mm.
  • Surface roughness - Ra 0,1 (class10).
     Milling work.
  • Diameters of in-process parts: min=2 mm, max=700 mm, accuracy ± 0,004 mm.
  • Overall dimensions of in-process parts: min=20x20x4 mm, max=650x400x400 mm, accuracy ± 0,004 mm.
     Electric discharge machining.

  • Overall dimensions of in-process parts: max=570x360x200 mm.
  • Working accuracy – up to ± 0,002 mm.
  • Declivity angle – up to 30 degrees.
  • Overall dimensions of in-process parts: max=600x400 mm.
  • Burn depth – up to 200 mm.
  • Working accuracy – up to ± 0,005 mm.
     Development of mathematical and 3D models.
  • Development of a mathematical model using the modern measuring equipment CHIEN WEI JG510 (measurement range: = 500 mm, y = 500 mm, z = 400 mm).
  • 3D modeling using the measuring machine CE-554A (measurement range: = 500 mm, y = 400 mm, z = 400 mm).
Information can be provided in the form of IGS, STP files, customer`s drawings
Lot production – min. one week (depending on the complexity of the product).

For additional information on production please visit
Tel./fax: +7 831 466 66 01, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



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