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   Main production lines

     Today Nizhny Novgorod factory named after M.V.Frunze is a modern scientific and production complex of radioelectronic profile. The factory possesses a technological base for manufacturing of the world-class electronic devices.

     The factory quality management system is certified by the International Certification Network IQNet and Certification System «Russian register» (certificate of conformity to standard ISO 9001:2000), by the Certification System «Military register» (certificate of conformity to standards GOST R ISO 9001-2001 and GOST RV 15.002-2003).

     New technologies are being introduced in all fields of activity – from scientific research to business processes management system. A production automation system is used in the factory for optimum employment of all resources.

     The majority of the products manufactured by Nizhny Novgorod factory named after M.V.Frunze belongs to the scientific products which require complex mathematical calculations. In order to improve work we introduce into production of different lines of activity of the factory the end-to-end design system on the basis of KOMPAS 3D. Using this system we noticeably reduced the timing required to translate a technical idea into the finished product. A part of labor-intensive and time-consuming processes was entirely shifted to the virtual environment. Development of mathematical and graphic models and conversion to machine-instruction code are done in the common information space of related departments. Automated check of calculations reduces the possibility of error when manufacturing finished products to a minimum. All new products are developed and produced using an end-to-end design system.

     Availability of own modern metal casting and plastics molding techniques, printed-circuit boards, special purpose tools, assembling, electronic equipment testing and adjustment allows producing of an extended product range. Finished products go through a multilevel control system.


The CNC equipment stock extension due to the acquisition of 3-axis-controlled and 5-axis-controlled machining centers and sheet processing machines allows to increase to a large degree manufacturing capabilities and to produce 3D-parts and parts made of sheet of any configuration and any difficulty level.

Production capacity – 400000 machine-hours per annum.


Utilization of modern technologies in the instrument production allowed to reduce thrice the design period and production time of the complex instruments.

Production capacity – 20000 normal hours per month.


Production allows to manufacture single-sided, double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards with the minimal width of conductors from 100 micron and hole diameters from 0,3 mm. Number of layers of an multilayer printed circuit boards is up to 6. All production phases are automated. Automatic solution and process parameters control systems are used for the most important working operations.

Production capacity – up to 25 thousand square meter of printed circuit boards per month.


Double-sided surface-mount technology-based production allows to mount automatically elements with the dimensions from 0,5 to 45 mm within the mounting accuracy of up to 20 micron as well as to perform any point-to-point wiring. All production phases – from loading of printed circuit boards into automated lines till placing of loaded printed circuit boards into a special packing – are fully automated. The automatic quality control of microcircuits soldering in BGA packages using the automatic X-ray microscope “DAGE7500” was mastered in the production.

Production capacity – up to 3 millions of printed circuit boards per annum.


The production is fitted out with equipment produced by well-known foreign companies “Y”, “JON WAY”, “WINSDOR” etc. and allows to manufacture parts weighting from 0,1 g to 3 kg out of different materials: polyamide, polycarbonate, dacryl and others. To increase the efficiency of work we mastered moulding of products in the multiple cavity moulds which resulted in an accelerated output.

Production capacity – up to 60 tons per month.

     Profound diversification of the factory, mastering of mass competitive civilian products allowed the factory to be adapted to the market economy conditions, to develop new models of radio measuring devices, radar stations quickly and efficiently in the interest of the national security as well as to expand production and marketing of the advanced technology civilian products and to provide conditions for the successful work of the factory, social support of the employees, confidence in the future.


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