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   Radio-measuring devices   Computing modulation meter


Modulation meter SK3-45 has the possibility to work with the replaceable blocks YA4S-103 and YA4S-103A, which are meant for input frequency band extension.
Computing modulation meter SK3-45 can be used as precision demodulator of AM and FM signals.
Computing modulation meter SK3-45 can be used in automated mode over a common user channel and in automated measuring systems.

   Radio-measuring devices   Computing modulation meter


Modulation meter SK3-46 is intended for measurement of a frequency deviation of frequency-modulated signals and an amplitude modulation factor of amplitude-modulation signals. Using the modulation meter SK3-46 you can also measure an amplitude modulation factor accompanying a FM signal and a frequency deviation accompanying an AM signal.

   Radio-measuring devices   Computing modulation meter


Modulation meter SĘ3-49 is designed for measurement of communication equipment signal parameters, modulation parameters of signal oscillators, for tuning and monitoring of communication equipment in batch manufacturing and operation, for calibration and certification of signal oscillators in modulation parameters: AM factor setting and frequency deviation errors, amplitude and frequency nonlinearity distortions.

   Radio-measuring devices   Computing modulation meter


SK3-49/1 modulation meter belongs to 6th generation of instruments and replaces SK3-45 instrument with Ya4C-103 HF unit. The meter is designed for measuring signal parameters within frequency band from 0.1 to 18000 MHz. Area of SK3-49/1 modulation meter application: adjustment and control of communication equipment during mass production and operation, checking and qualification of measurement generators on modulation parameters.


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