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   DECT technology

Multi-user access system


    “MICRON-DECT” multi-user radio access system is designed to provide wireless subscriber access to modern “point-to-multipoint” communication services.

    It is particularly effective when there are no channels to connect with subscribers and laying of new communication lines requires heavy expenses – when constructing telecommunications system of cottage housing estates, detached residential communities, remote communities and commercial facilities.


    The main part of the “╠ICRON-DECT” system is a unit for control, switching and interfacing (UUKS) which coordinates transfer protocols used with automatic telephone station of public telephone network. The remote access server which is a part of the UUKS provides subscribers with Internet access. Base configuration of the "╠ICRON-DECT" system comprises also base stations (BS) and subscriber stations (SS).

    Additional elements such as base station distributor and remote base stations give the opportunity to choose coverage areas, to distribute communication resources effectively and to increase signal transmission distance considerably. One UUKS allows to create a network to service up to 1000 subscriber stations.



    Ensures integration with public telephone network, on the one hand, and integration of base stations, on the other hand, as well as Internet access. Several UUKS can be integrated into an unified network with the help of a transit exchange.


    Ensures 12 simultaneous voice connections using two-branch diversity reception. Each BS supports approximately 5.8 Erlang of traffic with the service quality level of 1%. Arrangement of additional BS’s increases both total traffic and traffic processed by each BS.

    To the UUKS or base station distributor it is connected with the help of three twisted pairs, each of them carries voice/data traffic, signals and power.  Maximum connection length (when using 0,4 mm wires) is up to 4 km with UUKS and 1 km with base station distributor.


    RJ-11 interface ensures the connection of base station to subscriber through standard DTMF or decadic telephone, fax, handsfree talking system, modem or public telephone. When a built-in RS-232 port is available it is directly connected to a PC that establishes Internet communication using standard operating system utility. SS-IP (AK-IP) supports voice mail sessions and Internet access sessions with the rate of up to 70 Kbit/sec.

    SS is powered from electric network through 12V adapter, it has a built-in accumulator battery (16 hours in standby mode and 3 hours of talk time) and a charging unit.


    It is an additional component which is used when a group of base stations is situated remote from the control device. It is powered independently from a 48V power source and in its turn it provides power to the base stations. To the UUKS it is connected through a radio channel, fiber-optic line or wire link. The distance between base station distributor and UUKS is limited only through the parameters of the connection used.


    It extends range of coverage of the ╠icron-DECT system considerably retransmitting DECT packages between base station and subscriber station. It can process 11 calls simultaneously.

    Maximum range of line-of-sight communication with a base station is up to 25km, with a subscriber station 10km.


Working frequency

1880-1900 ╠Hz

Data rate

Up to 70 Kbit/sec

Simultaneous connection of base stations

Up to 20 units

Number of subscribers one base station can service

Up to 1000

Communication range

Up to 10 (25) km

Temperature range

from -40 oĐ to +50 oĐ



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