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Radio-measuring devices

High-frequency signal generators, reference equipment for measuring amplitude-modulation factor and frequency deviation, working standards of the amplitude-modulation factor unit and frequency deviation unit, modulation meters, attenuation and phase-angle meters, power meters, power supply devices.


Automated information-measuring systems for energy management and accounting (AIISKUE)

Software system AIISKUE «Micron» makes it possible to solve all tasks of automated energy-consumption metering.
AIISKUE «Micron» is a multilevel system with a hierarchical structure. Information exchange between aggregate devices is made according to EIA RS-485, EIA RS-232, Ethernet, GSM, GPRS, WiMAX standards and through a radio channel.


Electricity meters

Single-phase unitariff, single-phase multitariff, single-phase multifunction, single-phase locomotive, three-phase unitariff, three-phase multitariff, three-phase multifunction, standard meters, apartment electrical boards, models which are not more series-produced.


Calibrators for automated metrological verification of electricity meters

Automated calibrators for electricity meters are high-tech metrology device for power consumption meter recalibration and adjustment in manual or automatic mode on an industrial scale.
Automated calibrators are available in several modifications providing meters recalibration according to different parameters: single- and three-phase, active and reactive energy, direct and reverse direction.


Extra Equipment

Interface converters are designed to create serial communication channels in industrial automation systems.
Optical interface units make it possible to connect the computer contact-free to an external device equipped with  an optical port to achieve duplex information exchange through RS-232 interface or USB interface.
Transponders ensure good reception and transmission of information between elements in the local network of electrical energy accounting system through RS-485 interface enlarging the number of meters in the system and increasing the length of the data transmitting lines


Automated outside lighting control systems

Automated outside lighting control system ASUNO “SVET” is intended for outside lighting control and automated accounting of energy consumed by electric lighting system of cities, populated places and industrial enterprises.


Digital TV adapters

Adapters for digital terrestrial TV reception (DVB-T), adapters for satellite digital TV reception (DVB-S), adapters for digital cable TV reception (DVB-C).


Automated vehicle control navigation system

Automated vehicle control navigation system «MICRON-NAVITEL» is intended for transmission of information about movement and condition of the controlled transport vehicle to the dispatch center or owner as well as for remote on-line diagnostics of the transport vehicle with the use of  GSM networks.


Communications equipment

Radio-relay station based on WiMax technology, multi-user access system based on WiMax technology, radio-relay station based on CDMA technology, multi-user access system based on CDMA technology, multi-user access system based on DECT technology, mini-telephone exchange with GSM gateway, ADSL modem.


Ultrasonic flaw detectors

Automated flaw detection system ADS-02 gives an opportunity to examine a suspicious area using a nondestructive inspection technique and to decide in the field to reduce the speed or replace the rail.


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