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   Radio-measuring devices

High-frequency signal generators

High-frequency signal generators are used in various measurement designs, e.g. as video and audio signal sources when adjusting TV-sets and radio equipment; as unmodulated oscillation sources; as modulated signal sources with AM, FM and their combination; as a heterodyne in frequency-changing circuits, for checking semiconductor devices and quartz-crystal resonators, for testing high-level mixers for intermodulation distortions. The generators are used when developing, producing, operating and repairing communications facilities, including high-quality home audio and video equipment.


Reference equipment for measuring amplitude-modulation factor and frequency deviation

Reference measuring units are designed for reproduction, storage and transfer of size of the amplitude modulation factor unit (K2-83), size of frequency deviation unit or phase deviation unit (K2-85) to devices which measure modulated signal parameters. The units work in a PC programmed mode via RS-232 interface, in metering systems – via RS-485 interface. Measurement, calibration and certification of the units are fully automated.


Working standards of the amplitude-modulation factor unit and frequency deviation unit

Working standards are designed for reproduction, storage and transfer of size of the amplitude modulation factor unit (RECAM), size of frequency deviation unit (REEDCH) to devices which measure modulated signal parameters.
RECAM is a table device which is under control of a PC via RS-232 or RS-485 interface; REEDCH is a table device  with a PC containing precision generators of frequency modulated and unmodulated oscillations, a built-in low-frequency generator, a frequency meter, calibration facilities, a frequency deviation comparator and computer input-output devices.


Computing modulation meters

Modulation meters are designed for qualitative measurement of modulation parameters of  communication and metering equipment signals in such areas as VHF radio communications with FM, VHF, FM radio and TV-accompanying sound, shortwave trunk communication, as well as for checking and certification of measurement oscillators.


Attenuation and phase-angle meters

DK1-16 is a reference metrology instrument for measuring attenuation and phase-angle, module and phase of transmission coefficients of various four-poles. The unit has high sensitivity and ensures measuring of antenna directivity diagrams in phase and amplitude; high screening degree of generators and other radio equipment; sensitivity to satellite TV-receivers and satellite communications systems; attenuation, amplification, sensitivity to radio-relay communication centers and systems, receive/transmit path centers.


Terminating power meter

Terminating power meters are designed for measuring average power level of continuous and  pulse-modulated signals in coaxial transmission lines.


DC power supply

DC power supply is designed for operation in measuring systems and supplying radio-measuring devices with constant voltage or current. It can replace a number of formerly manufactured power supplies. It permits any combinations of output voltage and current at power output max. 100 W. Two integral digital indicators simultaneously display output voltage and current. B5-75 is a universal power supply when developing, producing, testing or repairing communications electronics equipment, electronic and electrotechnical devices.


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