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   Extra Equipment   Transponder


Transponder is designed for increasing the number of users (meters) in local network of the power consumption registration system as well as the length of transmitting lines. Transponder transmits information signals of RS-485 interface and provides galvanic separation of these signals on both sides.

   Extra Equipment    Interface Adapters

PI-1, PI-2 Interface Adapters

PI-1 and PI-2 interface adapters are intended for providing series communication channels in industrial automation systems.
PI-1 converts RS-232 signals into RS-422/RS-485 signals and PI-2 converts USB (2.0) signals into RS-422/RS-485 signals.
PI-1, PI-2 Interface Adapters

   Extra Equipment   Optical Interface Units

USĪ-1, USĪ-2 Optical Interface Units

USO-1 and USO-2 optical interface units are designed for non-contact porting of the PC to an external device with an optical port for data exchange through RS-232 (USO-1) or USB (USO-2) interface.

    Extra Equipment   Interface device


Interface device UST-01 is designed for connection of single-phase PLC-modems (for example, PLC modem M-2.01 ILGSH.465639.001) to three-phase low-voltage network.
   Additional equipment   Load tripping control device

Load tripping control device

The device is designed for disconnection of electric power consumer in case of reception of a control signal from an electric power meter. The device is connected to electric power meter test outputs, which have to be set for generation of the tripping signal.


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