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   Optical Interface Units

USĪ-1, USĪ-2 Optical Interface Units


   USO-1 and USO-2 optical interface units are intended for non-contact porting of the PC to an external device with an optical port for duplex data exchange through RS-232 (USO-1) or USB (USO-2) interface.






Power supply

From computer serial port or from a USB port

Data rate, baud:

    for COM

ports from 300 to 19200

    for USB

ports from 300 to 38400

Length of optical communication channel (from transmitting LED of USĪ-1 or USĪ-2 to receiving device and back), mm

not more than 100

Working temperature range, oŃ

from +5 to +40

Average service life, years

not less than 15

Mass, kg

not more than 0,1





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