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   Multitariff meters



        The meters are intended for accounting of active electrical energy in two-wire power circuits of a.c. with the frequency of 50 Hz regardless of direction of current differentiated both in light conditions and energy and power consumption level.

    The electricity meters can be used independently or as a component of any automated information-measuring systems for commercial energy accounting (AIISKUE). 


    IEC 62052-11:2003


  • Nonvolatile memory.
  • Internal four-tariff tasksetter (12 seasons).
  • 9 tariff zones per day.
  • RS-485 communication interface.
  • Programmable pulse output.
  • Internal phase breaker.
  • Load cut-off function, when the current power exceeds the programmed power limit, with subsequent connection to the network by user himself when reducing the load level.
  • Capability to connect an external alternate power source (9-12 V) to read indication of the liquid-crystal display in the absence of 230V.
  • Electronic seal.


    The electricity meters ensure registration and storage of the data:

  • on the measured active energy with accrual accounting from the date of production as per all the tariffs;
  • on the active energy measured as at the beginning of the month as per all the tariffs in the course of 24 months;
  • on the measured active energy with accrual accounting and exceeding the power limit as per all the tariffs;
  • on instantaneous load power (as a refernce value);
  • on the measured electrical energy and maximum power of each half-hour of the month in the course of two months.
  • on the time when the meter was energized and de-energized (32 events);
  • on the date of last time correction (32 events);
  • on the time when protective  terminal cover was opened (32 events).

    The electricity meters allow to register consumed electric energy both in one-tariff mode  (only according to the tariff "1" or only according to the tariff "4") and in multitariff mode (up to 4 tariffs) depending on the planned tariff schedule.

    The electricity meters ensure automatic seasonal time change, specification of flexible tariff schedule for each month of  the year, each day of the week and holiday.

    The meters allow to register consumed electric energy as per 4 additional tariffs parallel to the main ones in case when measuring the current load power the meter determines exceeding of the programmed power limit.

    The liquid-crystal display of the electricity meters indicates data on the consumed energy as per each of the four tariffs, information about current date, current time of day, current  load cut-off mode, current power, monthly energy consumption for each month of the year as per each of the tariffs, tariff schedule for the current day of the week.

    The electricity meters have the possibility to read and reprogramme through RS-485 interface the following parameters:

  • holiday schedule;
  • current time and date;
  • annual tariff schedule (for every day of the week and  holiday of the month);
  • power limit and monthly energy limit;
  • permission or prohibition for automatic changing-over to ‘summer’ or ‘winter’ time;
  • function of changing the pulse output: to the meter calibration mode or to energy control regime with the possibility to form a tripping signal;
  • indication mode and indication time in the range from 6 to 60 sec;
  • one-tariff operating mode of the meter ignoring the tariff schedule;
  • data rate;
  • multipart password, individual password and address.




Number of tariffs


Base (maximum) current,

10 (80)

Sensitivity current, m:

    for the meters of accuracy class 1,0


    for the meters of accuracy class 2,0


Nominal voltage, V


Fixed working voltage range, V

from 207 to 265

Extended working voltage range, V

from 184 to 265

Nominal reserve supply voltage, V

12 (constant current)

Working range of reserve supply voltage, V

from 9 to 12 (constant current)

Network frequncy, Hz


Working range of network frequency, Hz

from 47,5 to 52,5

Accuracy class

1,0 (2,0)

Total power consumed by voltage circuit, V·

not more than 7,5

Active power consumed by voltage circuit, W

not more than 1,6

Total power consumed by current circuit, V·

not more than 0,1

Accuracy movement of built-in clock at normal conditions when the meter is switched on/off, sec/day

less than ±0,5

Change of accuracy movement in the working temperature range, sec/°/day:

    in the temperature range from -10 to +45 °


    in the temperature range from -25 to -10 °, from +45 to +55 °


Transmission ratio of pulse output device:

    in the main mode (), pulses/kwh


    in calibration mode (V), pulses/kwh


Rate of data exchange through RS-485 interface, bit/sec

115200, 57600, 38400, 19200, 9600, 4800, 2400, 1200

Working and service conditions:

    ambient air temperature, °

from -25 to +55

    relative humidity, %


    pressure, kPa (mm of mercury)

from 84 to 106,7

Data saving when switching off the power supply, years


Average error-free running time


Average service life till overhaul, years


The meter’s mass, kg

not more than 0,95

Measurements, mm



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