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   ADS-02 diagnostic system is intended for total ultrasonic flaw inspection and detection  simultaneously in two rail lines (R50, R65 and R75 types) laid in a track.


  • Continuous recording of information data about  rail structure gathered during testing procedure for the whole working  period to the built-in memory card (Compact Flash)  in  form of B-scan images  (track coordinate – rail depth).
  • Recording of individual A-scan frames to the built-in memory card (time scanning – reflection signal amplitude) when operating in manual mode.
  • A,B-scan displays of the data gathered while detecting rails, both immediately during inspection and in flaw detection laboratory.
  • Registration of the distance covered by the operator and track coordinates with the help of an electro-optical sensor with an accuracy being not worse than 1%.
  • Registration of amplification parameters in each channel of detection and of all the changes made by the operator during working shift.
  • After inspection it is possible  to re-record the information into database of a stationary computer.
  • In-depth analysis of inspection results with the help of a stationary personal computer.
  • Keeping and printing on paper of a final inspection protocol (record).

   Exact binding to a track coordinate allows to register defective or suspicious areas of rails for re-inspection and closer control.

   In base schema for sonic rail testing 6 piezoelectric transducers are used for each rail line with  8 channels of detection with the use of echo- and reflection-transmission detection methods.

   Ultrasonic rail flaw detector ADS-02 is equipped with an  IBM compatible industry-standard computer  what ensures system flexibility  and allows to use  any schema for sonic testing with 8 channels of detection. The operator can choose a sonic test schema out of the schemas  available in the base  or  compose it  on his own.

   Selectors are placed symmetrically between the wheels of the carriage what allows to  evenly distribute the weight of the carriage between the selectors and provide stable position of  piezoelectric transducers  relative to long axis of the rail. At the same time several smooth adjustments are provided for which allow  to control the position of search system on used and battered rails.  


  • Base processor unit IBM PC 386, 40MHz.
  • Capacity of the built-in long-term storage 128MB or up to 50km mileage (in base version).
  • Screen – luminiscent flat panel, resolution 320240, 16 tonal gradations (without makeup heating).
  • 12V supply  by accumulator  (input voltage limits 10V-24V).
  • Weight with  the carriage and constituent parts (without coupling water and accumulators) not more than  45 kg.
  • Weight of electronic unit - 4 kg.
  • Operating  temperature range from -40° to +50°.
  • When transmitting information to the personal computer the data are stored  in the internal Compact Flash recorder what allows to completely avoid data loss.
  • Protocols of data transmission to outboard computer - USB, LPT, Ethernet (option).
  • Possibility to connect additional (peripheral) devices to the electric unit– full-sized keyboard, monitor display SVGA, portable USB Flash Pen drive.


  • Operator interaction mode.
  • Comfortable nested menu system.
  • Automatic compression and pack of information in storage device. 
  • Electronic protocol concerning operating results where  inspection date and time, names of operators, name of rail track section where flaw detection was carried out,  amplifying states in  each of ten channels, number of defective areas, number of stops are registered.
  • Continuous recording of information data about rail structure in form of  -scan images with channel (head, web, tangent) signal separation in each rail line.
  • On-line revision of inspection results (for example, at once after passing the joint).
  • Flaw detection in the bolt hole areas by means of dipulses  with temporary disconnection of disturbing signals.
  • Determination of nominal flaw dimensions and its location in rail cross-sections both in automatic mode and manual mode with the help of a cursor.
  • Bottom signal auto seek mode to smoothly roll onto rails of different types.
  • Possibility of emergency information decoding with the flaw detector without use of an additional computer.


    A special Windows format programme is developed  to work on a stationary computer with the data received during run-time of the flaw detector. The programme for in-depth analysis of ultrasound images allows:

  • to use color code for signals  from different piezoelectric transducers (coming/outgoing).
  • to use amplification mode to  examine  individual signals thoroughly.
  • to simulate moving along individual problem areas with sound accompaniment.
  • to create 3D models  of individual areas of a defective rail with the possibility to rotate them in different planes  for thorough visual inspection.
  • to simultaneously analyze ultrasound images of one area made at different times.
  • to print out individual ultrasound image areas.

    Ultrasonic rail flaw detector ADS-02 can be used both as main organic equipment for  rail flaw detection and as an inspection carriage to  make a track certificate and to objective control the flaw detection quality.

    A modified ultrasonic rail flaw detector ADS-02 can be used with rail welding trains for incoming inspection of used rails and for outgoing inspection of weld joints  to compose quality certificates of welded rails.


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